Animal communication

is the contact with animals by using telepathy. Animals communicate with each other the same way. This „sixth sense“ is given to uman nature als well from the day of birth. Telepathy is the original language which all creatures use to communicate with each another. Every spoken word is preceded by a thought, an image or a feeling. This capacity for telepathic perception is innate to all beings on this planet.A communication channel that is available to all of us at any time.

Scientifically this is done through the morphogenetic field, which also ensures that migratory birds are getting  together at the appropriate time to fly south all together in a .  swarm.(Rupert Sheldrake)It is not spoken in the literal sense, but there are sensations, emotions and images exchanged. Explanations are also found in quantum physics.



Like the humans animals do not only use telepathic ways to communicate, but also other possibilities to use as:

optical signals 

(Expressive movements, color, shape) The spreaded feather tail of a  peacock for impressing the male to the female, or the snarl of a wolf as a threat against his comrades.

acoustic signals


This includes, for. Example, the birdsong, which is a form of area demarcation and posing. The ultrasonic calls of bats are for orientation in the field and for hunting prey.

chemical signals

(Scent marks, pheromones, glandular secretions)

Both attractants of insects, called pheromones, which attract the females, the males and the fragrance brands of dog among them.

Looking at the short explanations above iyou find out,  that communication can have very different functions. It is used, for example.:

for area demarcation /  territorial behavior

for fighting enemies / agressive behavior

for attracting sexual partners / sexual behavior

Social bonding / z. B. Social behavior

for locating food sources / z. B. foraging

to protect the babies / z. B. Parental care

In the animal kingdom you find very different, surprisingly simple, very complex but especially very effective forms of communication from animal to animal.